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shalom scarsdale graphics

shalomscarsdale graphics
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a b o u t ;
oh, hey. welcome to the personal graphics journal of cici-chan. here you'll find a variety of different graphics including icons, headers, friends only banners, and the occasional tutorial or resource. i'm open to most fandoms and i'm very experimental; my style is constantly changing. feel free to friend the community to stay tuned for updates, request posts, etc.

r u l e s ;
a few simple rules. comments make me feel all warm and tingly inside. altering my icons/graphics in any way is not cool, and neither is hotlinking. credit is a must -- simply link back to shalomscarsdale or cici-chan somewhere in the comments or keywords of any icons you take. don't know how? follow these rules and i won't be forced to do something silly, like make the community friends only. :)

o t h e r ;
other interesting things. at the moment, i'm really into zachary quinto, neil patrick harris, kristen bell, all things joss whedon, how i met your mother, lost, and heroes. for a full list of stuff i'm into and, thus, stuff you'll probably see graphics of, check out my personal journal's userinfo.

resources && tags && faq

profile codes by shinydreams
layout codes by spire