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shalom scarsdale graphics
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vmars: i can't take that i hurt you
[010] Anton Yelchin
[009] Chris Pine
[004] Milo Ventimiglia

you watered me down til i drifted aroundCollapse )

So tired. Will pimp/talk more after sleep. Zzz...

ETA: Whoo, sleep occurred! Anyway, since I wasn't completely satisfied with my last post, here's a batch of three pretty men to make up for it. I'm trying to experiment more, and I'm pretty happy with the majority of my results. :D Merrr, okay, 'til next time!
vmars: i can't take that i hurt you
[004] Heroes cast
[010] Kristen Bell
[005] Zachary Quinto

can we take the next hour and talk about me?Collapse )

I'M BACK. Sorry for the hiatus, but school and life caught up with me unexpectedly. :) I know this batch isn't the best offering, especially since I'm a little rusty but... I'll post another batch -- bigger and better -- in the next few days! I'm still open to suggestions, btw. I'd really like to make some Heroes, Lost, or BtVS icons, but I'm crap when it comes to cleaning up screencaps. So, if anyone has any tips or helpful links... *cough* That'd be nice. :)
vmars: i can't take that i hurt you
[009] Neil Patrick Harris
[005] NPH as Mark Cohen (SNL, animated)
[026] RENT (movie)

when you're dying in america you're not aloneCollapse )

I plan to finish iconning the rest of RENT, so stay tuned for that. These only go up to "Out Tonight" [aside from the promo stills], but I figured forty was a good number of icons to post... so. >>; Oh, and of course, none of my icon posts are complete without some NPH love.
vmars: i can't take that i hurt you
[019] Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2x17, 2x21, 2x22, 4x03, 4x08)
[003] Cobie Smulders
[004] Firefly 1x04
[004] How I Met Your Mother (1x14, promos)
[003] LOST 5x06

the dark in me is all that will remainCollapse )

I'd like to call this my "de-stressing batch". I ended up taking out all my frustration via Photoshop, and lo! A new batch of icons was born! Yes, Spike is my favorite Buffy character. Why do you ask?

I wish someone would teach me how to use text. Merh.
vmars: i can't take that i hurt you
[001] Christian Bale
[004] Cobie Smulders
[003] Dollhouse 1x01
[002] Dr. Who (various)
[001] Matthew Fox
[007] How I Met Your Mother 2x09
[002] James Marsters (Buffy promos)
[002] Milo Ventimiglia
[004] Neil Patrick Harris (various)
[001] Old Springs Pike
[004] Spring Awakening
[001] Torchwood 1x01

leave your things behindCollapse )

I need suggestions for icons. I'm, like, grasping. Also, I made a lot of these in the middle of my Horror & Sci-Fi lecture! Are you proud of what a good little student I am? Enjoy, and, as always, feel free to friend the community!
vmars: i can't take that i hurt you
[004] How I Met Your Mother 3x17
[011] Dr. Horrible
[005] LOST 5x03
[005] Neil Patrick Harris
[005] Dr. Who*
[003] Pokemon*
[002] Tokio Hotel*
[004] Linkin Park (Brad Delson)
[001] Matisyahu
[001] Jonathan Groff
[006] The Spring Standards


i cannot believe my eyesCollapse )

Yay, first post! Can you tell I'm excited? Anyway, the majority of these icons [ie, the non-NPH-related ones] were requested by the awesome kids on my flist, since each of them is part of a number of fandoms and I wanted to prove that I was not lame flexible. *clears throat* Enjoy, and obey the asterisks or I will smite you.
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